Background info for this Blog: #1

I have felt compelled to write a book, which this Blog is a forerunner or basis for, to chronicle how Black people have managed to survive in the USA, in spite of having to contend with racism from many White people who want to maintain the status quo towards Blacks, relative to the history (evident by current signs of racism throughout the USA) of Blacks in this country. This Blog will be a Prologue or abridged version of the book I intend to have published.

I am also feeling compelled to write a book about other oppressed people of varying ethnicities around the world, after the one mentioned above…stay tuned. I am of African ancestry, therefore, I believe it is only appropriate that I start with this topic from my own ethnic background. No intention to minimize others historical nor current experiences in this regard…

Besides my experiences and perspective regarding this topic, I will interview about seven (the Book of Genesis in the Bible denotation for perfection, fullness, perfect orderednes, i.e., the number for the completeness of creation) females and males of African descent with extensive experience as citizens in the USA, to just share what they have experienced: where, with whom, how, etc. they actually survived, providing “examples of survival.”

I believe these narratives will help many people, especially our youth, to get another version of the Black experience in the USA, and most importantly examples of coping strategies living in this reality.

I honor and respect Jewish communities throughout the world for perseverance, tenacity, and just plain endurance given their realities of historical and current racism and discrimination, which I believe is a mirror image in many ways of the Black experience in the USA (as well as throughout the world on this earth!)

As I mentioned above, USA Blacks have not only Jewish brothers and sisters who inherited a historical background of oppression and discrimination to look to for collaboration, support, etc. , but there are numerous other ethnicities throughout the world who are our brothers and sisters in this regard with whom we should and could seek the same… Like I stated earlier here, I am certainly seriously considering writing a book about experiences and perspectives of the latter brothers and sisters regarding the topic at hand in the not so far future, in addition to sharing a Blog with an abridged version of this book… As my first historical nonfiction book, I will begin with the Black experience , as survivors in the USA.

Until soon…B.G. Aucoin

Published by B.G. Aucoin

I am a new Blogger. Looking to chronicle my life with various non-fiction posts. I am a retired Literacy Specialist after over 30 years, now a part time Civil Court Mediator with a law degree for 10 years. I have been an advent Journal Writer since my teens.

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