Mystory: Part 4B

I regret having to take off and not complete my thoughts about Mystory: Part 4, so here it is MyStory: Part 4B: I strongly believe it is one thing to be apart of the Democratic Process and U.S. Constitution as a citizen, with an opinion regarding various issues (thank God for 1st Amendment Rights!) , and it is another thing to persistently at every opportunity blatantly, loudly and aggressively go against the leadership (U.S. President, Congress, and other national, state, or local government leadership) of the country without our enemies (and others who may be more friendly towards us, as well, who probably are shaking their heads, going “tsk, tsk, tsk!”) taking notice, and perhaps even using it against us. Remember the old saying: “a house divided is bound to fall!” Or something like that…

I lived as a teenager and college student through the turbulent 1960’s in the U.S.A. with its political, Civil Rights, and war demonstrations. I can think of at least three U.S.A. Presidents from those times who I vehemently disagreed with, but I did not, nor anyone around me who agreed with me nor the media at the time (!) persistently and consistently were publicly saying negative things about each and every thing any of our leaders did…of course, there were Civil Rights Activists, Anti-War Activists and the like who spoke out in public forums about government leaders who they believed were unfair and unjust, but in all my years of living as a quiet, respecting but staying the course for FJFA (Freedom Justice For All!) proponent have I ever heard such outright persistency at any and every opportunity possible: disrespect, stretching of the truth, and perhaps anti-patriotism towards the current Presidential Administration of Republican Donald Trump.

One can say, blame it on female activists resentful of their Democractic Candidate Hilliary Clinton not being elected four years ago, when she ran against Donald Trump. Or, one can also blame it on many female activists in the U.S.A. who consider Donald Trump a misogynist who sexually harass women (he has managed to keep his nose clean, if this is at all true, during his four years as President! So far, so good!). Whatever or whoever is behind this consistently loud campaign to “Dump Trump!” has most definitely influenced alot of other folks in the U.S.A. who would not otherwise be so blatantly public against the U.S. President in following this negative sentiment. I have never seen, in my lifetime, the news media, talk show hosts, and other public persons so blatantly public in putting a U.S.A. President down, as this “anti-Trump campaign,” to the point of being an embarassment to our nation , one can say. Do you blame any of our enemies attacking us with a virus if there is any truth to the statement emailed to me from that organization from back East I mentioned in MyStory: Part 4 ? “A house divided is bound to fall!”

I am a Non-Partisan voter, an otherwise Democratic voter most of my life until the past Presidential Election convinced me to no longer be actively engaged in the Democratic Party in California, locally, nor nationally, because of the way Bernie Sanders (I was a committed campaigner for Bernie Sanders at that time) was sabotaged in this election four years ago, with he and Hillary Clinton running against one another to be our Democratic nominee to run against Republican Donald Trump. The rest is history… we Bernie supporters have evidence to believe that Hillary Clinton supporters (perhaps not Hillary herself) outright sabotaged several Democratic Primaries against Bernie across the U.S.A., including in California! I know it is just politics and politics can be dirty, but it was very disheartening so I decided to leave the Democratic Party and become a Non-Partisan Voter…And, as it currently stands, I will probably never campaign for another candidate, nationally, statewide, nor locally. At least not for a very, very long time. That was very hard pill to swallow…after hours of hard work and sacrifice to campaign for Bernie, he, many of his supporters believed, lost, because of fraud from his contender’s campaign camp!! Whatever happened to losing fair and square with the voice of the people, the voters, deciding??!! Too much of an utopian concept? Probably…

Published by B.G. Aucoin

I am a new Blogger. Looking to chronicle my life with various non-fiction posts. I am a retired Literacy Specialist after over 30 years, now a part time Civil Court Mediator with a law degree for 10 years. I have been an advent Journal Writer since my teens.

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