Happy “New Normal” Thanksgiving!

Much gratitude to the Higher Power that most of the folks I know, among my family, friends, neighbors, and associates have survived this COVID19 pandemic, or plague, like some of us refer it as, with very few if any symptoms, especially if we have been making a strong effort to abide by the safety measuresContinue reading “Happy “New Normal” Thanksgiving!”

FYI: My Favorite Social Justice Movies & Documentaries

Goal: To see one another as a dignified soul. Our duty should always be to identify injustices (do not simply watch them happen and do nothing!) and work to change them by helping to transform hearts through our words and actions, as well as try to change public policy in any way we can (influenceContinue reading “FYI: My Favorite Social Justice Movies & Documentaries”

Where are we going from Here America with Race Relations?: We’re inching along!

The U.S.A. has never been a place to take change easily, even a slight change of the status quo. I am a 1950’s baby who experienced a lot of backlash under Jim Crow Laws in Louisiana until age 12, the turbulent 1960’s-70’s with peaceful (that turned violent with “law enforcement intervention”!) Civil Rights protests/demonstrations ,Continue reading “Where are we going from Here America with Race Relations?: We’re inching along!”

Recent Police Brutality Protests: Deja Vu…

I couldn’t help but notice as I watched news reports about people all over the world, young and older, of all and any ethnicity, loudly and angrily protesting in the streets of various cities (Minneapolis, Washington D.C., New York City, San Francisco, London, Paris, Atlanta, etc.), after the insanely brutal behavior of Minneapolis police officersContinue reading “Recent Police Brutality Protests: Deja Vu…”

MyStory Part 3: Education, Career (Part A)

I attended kindergarten through seventh grades in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at a segregated (for Blacks only, Whites had their own schools at that time in the 1950’s) elementary (Arlington Elementary, one of about three all Black elementary schools in Baton Rouge at that time) and junior high school (McKinley Junior High was in our attendanceContinue reading “MyStory Part 3: Education, Career (Part A)”

MyStory: First Blog Entry

I am slowly getting the personal interviews underway, for the firsthand accounts of my first unofficial titled realistic nonfiction historical book : Surviving While Living Black. My intention is to interview and include narratives from seven (7) persons (hopefully both female and male)…seven narratives because being a good Christian Catholic I expound the Symbolic NumbersContinue reading “MyStory: First Blog Entry”

Update on non-fiction book in progress

This COVID-19 crisis has created a New Normal for me and all of us, I’m sure, therefore I’ve had to get the discipline once again to Blog. Thanks be to God I’m back with it!! I’m trying to connect over the telephone with some elderly relatives and friends I intend to chronicle in this bookContinue reading “Update on non-fiction book in progress”